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How Do We Raise Passionate & Determined Children?


As parents, we are always striving to raise our children to grow up to be kind, helpful, generous and caring.  What is also important is raising passionate and determined human beings.  Tying into this month’s South Slope Pediatrics core value of passion and determination, let’s talk about ways we can help foster and nurture this within our children’s lives.

What is Passion?  Passion is defined as “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something”.  Our children are naturally passionate.  Whether it be passion for all things Frozen, trucks, ballet, or soccer…our children often have very intense feelings (one way or another) towards things.  How do we encourage and support this passion?   

* Perhaps the #1 thing we can do as parents is to give our children opportunities.  Give our child that opportunity to try a new sport.  Give our children our devoted time to read and draw with them every day.  Introduce them to new places, new things.  Try a new food, go see a concert!  Try a new music class.  Go to the special exhibit at the Science Museum.  Allow them the opportunity to find their passions.

* Always encourage your child, no matter what the passion is.  Is he passionate about playing in the kitchen? How about spending time baking or cooking with him, allowing him to cook (or make a mess) with you!  Is she showing an interest in dinosaurs?  How about a family visit to the Museum of Natural History!  Discuss these topics of interest with them.  What do they want to learn more about?  Take lots of photographs so you can refer to them and talk more about what you see and did.

* Keep it positive.  I start each day with telling my 4 YO daughter “Today is going to be the best day”!  She repeats it back to me, excitedly and with conviction.  And when they have their lows, when they are frustrated because they can’t do something right, we need to let them know that failure is OK and a part of life.  Try again, they will do better!   Help them grow confidence and stay positive so they can find those passions.

Love and support whatever your child’s passion is.  Is your child obsessed with tennis, but you haven’t picked up a racket in decades?  Now is your chance.  Nurture their passion by showing how far you’ll go to support them.

What is Determination?  “A quality that makes you continue to do or achieve something that is difficult”. It is closely tied into passion in that the determination often comes from that passion.  Determination is key to a successful life…so how do we help develop determination in our children?

* Recognize when your child works hard at doing something.  Be their cheerleader, tell them how proud you are at their efforts, even if they can’t do exactly what they are trying to accomplish.  Acknowledge that they are persisting, and giving it their all!   Maybe try making the “trying” fun.  My daughter was finding it hard to figure out how to leap (trying to do a grand jete from ballet class).  She was very frustrated to the point she started crying and wanted to quit ballet class.  I set up some of her stuffed animals on the floor so she had to LEAP over them…this became sort of a game to her, and she kept doing it and doing it until she could leap over the pile of toys, instead of running around it.

* Support and join them in the different activities that might be challenging.   Perhaps it’s putting together a REALLY BIG puzzle, or riding your bike with them up the big hill in Prospect Park.    Tell them stories about how you once didn’t know how to do something, but you were so determined that you finally were able to learn it and how good that felt!  Let them know that the goal is attainable, and set up smaller benchmarks along the way so the goal feels less terrifying or intimidating.

* Lead as example.  Let your child in on your own struggles and how you want to overcome them.  Explain that you’re frustrated or upset with something, and what you are going to do.  Let them know that you will never give up.  Are you learning something new?  Let them watch and see how you are trying your best.

Bottom line…our children all have these qualities in them, it’s up to us as parents to help them reach their potential!



written by Jen #supermom

Three and a half years ago I gave birth to a dream baby. My baby rarely cried unless briefly prior to sleep, needing a diaper change or when she was hungry. You know – the typical baby needs!   But these periods of crying were short and “fixable”, meaning that once I figured out why she was crying I was usually able to help soothe her by giving her whatever that was. With that being said, I’m not saying it was not stressful. It was our first child, so everything was new and different and it definitely felt like “a lot”. But one thing I heard from all of my other mommy friends and what I came to learn quickly is that she was an easy baby. My husband and I would often go out to dinner with her at our side, smiling at us, playing with her little fingers or more often than not, sleeping! I drove with her alone at 6 weeks all the way up to Maine to visit my family. I never cringed at the thought of making plans at 5pm.   Just writing this makes me feel like I’m exaggerating things, but I promise I am not! She was amazing and easy, my little best buddy. I dubbed us “Thelma & Louise” as I was always taking her with me on road trips and adventures.

Fast forward three years and we have our second child, a beautiful baby boy who resembles our daughter so much in the looks department, but not one iota in temperament! If there is such a thing as having the two most extreme opposite babies, we had them (I truly identify with the recent NY Times blog about some babies being different than others). This little guy was relatively chill the first few weeks…lots of sleep, lots of cuddling. It was around three weeks that BAM, the colic hit us, and with a vengeance.   I remember the first night we experienced it – “it” being 5 hours straight of inconsolable hysterics. Our friend Brian was visiting us, and we had to keep taking turns bringing our baby into our bedroom, trying to hush him while the other played host to our guest. I kept trying to nurse him again and again, change his diaper, rock him…and nothing was alleviating his very loud complaints.   And that was the beginning of a daily experience for the next (GULP) 3 months.

On a good night it would only last 3 hours, on a bad night it was closer to 5. Can you even imagine listening to your little baby cry so intensely that his teeny lips are quivering, he’s arching his back and nothing you can do as a mommy or daddy will help? To say this is stressful is an understatement. I felt inadequate. What am I doing wrong? Why is my love and nurturing not enough? And to make everything 100 million times more difficult, our poor sweet 3 year old also had to suffer through – every night during dinner, bath time, reading time (which was a challenge over the screams). My patience was worn thin and I would find myself snapping at her when it wasn’t deserved (in my defense she was also 3 and entered a very defiant stage – believe it was a mix of that and dealing with a new baby brother), but under more normal circumstances I would have absolutely reacted more calmly and rationally. Listening to that nonstop wailing does a number on your patience, your stress level and your overall happiness. I think it affected my daughter in the same way. I ended most nights crying myself to sleep at 10pm. And to add yet another challenging piece into this already very kookoo situation, my husband is a freelancer and was never home before 8pm.

Colic is more common than we think, affecting about 3 in 10 babies. Friends would share their colic stories with me, and what helped them – although the big takeaway was that there really wasn’t much you can do to soothe a colic child. He will continue doing this until it eventually passes.   Typically caused by some gastrointestinal issue, I would SOMETIMES find that it helped if I raised his knees into his chest for a couple minutes so he could pass gas, which it seems he was having difficulty doing on his own. Other advice which would help on occasion (and typically for only 5-10 minutes of relief) was putting him in my carrier and wearing him while I cooked, took care of my daughter, whatever.   But for the most part, there was really nothing I could do…except trying to remember, “this is temporary and you will get through this”! Although at week 6 thinking there might be another 2 months more… that only went so far.

I received unwarranted advice and thoughts. “Put the baby in the bedroom, close the door and go into your living room and enjoy a glass of wine”.   This was said in jest, light heartedly telling me “there is nothing you can do”…but I found this kind of talk so unhelpful. Hearing your child’s wailing hours on end just pulled at my heartstrings in the most forceful way, and it deeply saddened me. I just wanted to hold and keep trying to soothe him, albeit understanding this wouldn’t do much. But it helped me feel a tiny bit better just trying to help my baby. The last thing I could think of was tossing him into another room and enjoying a glass of wine. I wanted to save that glass for when he STOPPED crying and I could actually relax and wind down!

As with our first night of experiencing colic, I distinctly remember the last. It had subsided quite a bit at almost 3 months old, in fact we had a few nights of no crying! Things were looking up, and I was emerging from this horrible storm cloud….the sun was in sight! Then, as if to give us one last nasty goodbye, it came back of course for the last time while my friend was in town for the night…from Hong Kong! Perfect timing! But then, like a flash… it was gone. We were in the clear.

He is now a 4 and a half month old smiling, happy, chubby baby.   He whimpers and cries when he needs me. I’m enjoying his company so much, especially when he’s eating my nose or giggling when I kiss his chubby belly.  The colic feels like ages ago, although not even 2 months have passed. I feel human again. My daughter and I are reconnecting, having lots of fun…laughing at her baby brother’s funny faces and how he likes to pull her hair. For those of you in this extremely challenging phase, all I can say is THIS WILL PASS. You are doing your best. All the love in the world will not help your baby, but time will. Ask for help. Rest when you can.   Get out…go for a walk, a run…try to clear your head. The good times are just around the corner, I promise!!!





written by Jen #supermom

What an exciting time of year it is for the little ones and for us parents, sharing the beauty of the colorful foliage and enjoying the refreshing cool air, so much Halloween fun… and pumpkin carving!   Any excuse to eat more apple pie and have another pumpkin spiced latte.  There’s so much going on here in Brooklyn over the next month, including many spooky and silly Halloween activities to enjoy with your family!

Mythic Meal (JJ Byrne Playground): A pancake breakfast fundraiser for JJ Byrne Playground.   Come as your favorite character, swap costumes, get your face painted and make banners for the Halloween parade!  They will also be doing a winter gear drive so bring any coats, boots, sweaters, etc to this great event!  $10 for adults, $5 for kids. Saturday October 17th, 10am-12pm.!&utm_campaign=August+1&utm_medium=email

Harvest Festival (Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park): Come and celebrate the fall season with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park!  The 5th Annual Harvest Festival will have free fun activities for the whole family, including arts & crafts, storytelling, volleyball and musical performances.  Saturday, October 24th from 10:30am-1pm.

Ghouls  & Gourds (Brooklyn Botanical Gardens):  Kids showcase their costumes along giant puppets in a parade with live music by Terry Dames Science Music Roadshow!  Kids under 12 are free, adults $15.  Saturday October 24th from 12-5:30pm.

Boo at the Zoo (Prospect Park Zoo):  Don’t miss this annual Halloween event.  Watch the baboons play with pumpkins, meet a Wildlife Witch, make a spider craft…and more!  Join in a Halloween parade at the end of each day, and snap a photo with the costumed creatures along the way.  Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th.

Monster Mash (Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Crown Heights): Calling all ghosts and goblins, come dressed to impress as the museum celebrates Halloween!  Join up for a spooky good time, complete with a performance by Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino and a ghoulish glowing dance party.  Saturday, October 31st from 10am-5pm.

6th Annual Coney Island Children’s Halloween Parade (1205 Surf Ave, Coney Island): You and your family are officially invited to the 6th Annual Coney Island Children’s Halloween Parade and Costume Contest. This year’s kid-friendly event promises to be better than ever with free entertainment, giveaways, and trick-or-treating!  Open to all children under 15 with great prizes for contest winners. Registration begins at 10am with the costume contest taking place at 12pm. Hand-made Coney Island themed costumes are encouraged.  Saturday, October 31st at 10am.

Halloween Party (Rollerskating Rink at Lefrak Center at Lakeside, Prospect Park):  Your halloween costume looks even better on skates!   Listen to Halloween music, play games and win prizes and enjoy a costume contest.  Saturday, October 31st from 12-6pm.

BAMboo! (Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM):  Put on your devilish dancing shoes and kick off trick-or-treating right at this free outdoor Halloween block party featuring family-friendly music and mischief.  Featuring Abby the DJ, candy giveaways, bouncy house, carnival games, costume contest and arts & crafts!  Free.  Saturday, October 31st from 2-5pm.  All ages!

Park Slope Halloween Parade (14th St and 7th Ave):  If you’re marching, join for the line up on 14th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue.  The parade concludes at the Old Stone House in JJ Byrne Playground with a gathering and dancing with the parade bands!  Saturday, October 31st from 6:30-8:30pm.    Details forthcoming at:

Sol y Canto (Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM):  This pan-Latin musical ensemble, led by artist-educators Rosi and Brian Amador, presents bilingual concurs that are as instructive as they are engaging.  Geared towards families working to build kids’ Spanish proficiency as well as those that speak mostly Spanish at home, Sol y Canto’s interactive fiestas invite young audiences to dance, sing and learn to the beat!   Tickets are $10 each. Saturday, November 7th at 2pm.  Ages 2-5.

9th Annual Children’s Book Fair (Brooklyn Museum, 1st Floor):  Showcasing your favorite Brooklyn authors and illustrators, this free event features storybooks, picture books, graphic novels and art activities for all ages.  Saturday November 14th from 12-4pm.  For a detailed schedule of readings, go to:

Hope everyone enjoys a BOO-ti-fully safe and fun Halloween!!!



Are you a new mom that struggles to find local activities for your little one?  Have you tried looking online but haven’t found one comprehensive, clear and concise calendar for your specific area of Brooklyn?  As a mom of a 3 year old, these struggles are very recent memories for me.  Although this information is all available online on several different sites, there hasn’t been one dedicated place where parents can search activities by neighborhood.  Until now….(drumroll please)… meet Denise Clay, a mom of a 2 year old boy, a patient of Dr. Cao’s, and co-founder of the exciting brand-new website,!!!

SSP: Denise, what is your background, and how did SkipKid come to be?  

I’m a psychotherapist and my SkipKid partner, Callie, is a writer. We met when our now 2 year olds were only a couple of weeks old and we became instant friends.

SkipKid is really an example of how necessity breeds ingenuity — ultimately, the site is the resource we most felt was missing when our children were very young. We had several frustrating experiences of logging on to sites claiming to feature “local activities” only to find that the events were several neighborhoods away or that the event information was outdated. We’ve spent the last year developing the site and are hopeful that SkipKid will change the way parents and caregivers organize their days and participate in their communities.

SSP: Can you please tell us a little bit about SkipKid and how it works?

SkipKid is a mobile website featuring a comprehensive list of drop-in activities throughout Brooklyn—sortable by neighborhood—for children ages zero to four. Our goal was to make SkipKid as user friendly as possible — as a result, users can access the site from their computers or mobile devices (smart phones or tablets). There is a drop-down menu on our home page that allows users to select a neighborhood and find a complete list of local drop-in activities. Users can filter in additional neighborhoods as well.

SSP: What is the purpose/goal of the site?

We hope to help parents and caregivers structure their days more efficiently while building community relationships in the process. We don’t want others to feel the same frustration we felt when trying to organize their days with their little ones; we hope that SkipKid will eliminate some of the stress involved with getting out the door. When our children were very young, we didn’t even know where to begin — what was there to do with a three-month old? Now parents can check SkipKid and find out.

SSP: What makes SkipKid different from other Brooklyn-based kid-activity websites?

Many sites say they focus on local events, but we actually mean it!

As all new parents and caregivers well know, little ones require a lot of scheduling, and optimizing the window of time between naps, feedings, etc, requires careful planning. SkipKid helps parents and caregivers find activities that are walkable or within their own neighborhoods, which is different from existing sites that tend to list activities by borough. When you live in Park Slope and you have only a couple of hours to get out of the house, it isn’t actually helpful to know that there’s a sing-along happening in Williamsburg, or vice versa. We created SkipKid  with this in mind, which is why we structured the site with a specific focus on neighborhoods. Moreover, we aim to have a complete list of activities–not simply events at the big-name venues like the Brooklyn Zoo and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, but the tiny neighborhood venues with sing-alongs and puppet shows. We want to build community by bringing people together in at their own neighborhood shops.

SSP: How does one submit an event to your site?

There’s a “contact us” button on our homepage, or users can email us directly at We are doing our best to keep everything up-to-date and current, and definitely want to know about any new and upcoming drop-in events and drop-in classes!

SSP: Is there a way for someone to get updates on new events as they are added (if we forget to go online)?

Yes, if users subscribe to SkipKid they’ll receive updates as well as our newsletter.

SSP: Does SkipKid currently have pages on social media, and what can we find there?

Users can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we post updates, photos, and last-minutes changes to events.

SSP: What’s next for SkipKid?  Any new features planned for the future?

Callie and I are both due with our second children in the next couple of months…so the SkipKid family will be growing. After that, we plan to expand the site to cover Manhattan neighborhoods as well as other boroughs and cities. We also hope to create new events. We can see where there are holes in the schedule, so to speak–Park Slope might have 5 sing-alongs on Tuesday at 10 AM, but nothing on Thursday at 4 PM. We want to help fill these gaps.

SSP: Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?

We really welcome feedback! Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think about the site or let us know if there are any events we’re missing – we’d love to hear from you!

Finally an easy-to-navigate Brooklyn kids activity-based website for all of us moms, dads and caregivers out there.  Covering 20 Brooklyn neighborhoods and featuring over 900 regularly scheduled and special events, there is a plethora of information now available at our fingertips.  No more wasting our precious free time, looking through so many outdated calendars or filtering through events throughout the entire borough of Brooklyn to find those local to you and your family.  And as Denise mentioned, make sure to sign up for your daily updates and newsletter so you don’t miss anything!



written by Jen #supermom

Sending your toddler or pre-schooler out for the day and need to pack a lunch?  So over making PB&J sandwiches?  I am personally going through this now, as my 3 year old is at daycare 4 half days a week, and I need to provide lunch.  I cannot bear to give her the favorite (PB&J of course) more than once, MAYBE twice a week.  That being said, she’s also a bit of a picky eater and I’m always looking for new healthy options that she will actually consume.

As this seems to be a popular topic among many moms in this situation, I thought I’d share some of the ideas I’ve received from friends near and far:

* Wraps (vs sandwiches) – cheese and/or deli meats or avocado and hummus.  Cut wrap into pinwheels for fun!

* Another more exciting version of your typical sandwich – cut it with cookie cutters!  (After all, presentation of the food is quite a bit deal to the little ones)….and eat the remains for your snack (isn’t that we always end up doing anyway)?!

* Whole Wheat or Brown Rice Pasta in a thermos with turkey meatballs or veggies

* Tomato soup and a grilled cheese

* Hummus or Guac with Veggies and Pita to dip

* Black beans and rice

* Quesadilla with beans and spinach, or cheese and avocado!

* Rolled slices of turkey, rolled sliced cheese and whole wheat crackers

* Yogurt and berries with a half sandwich

* Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese

* Use leftover roasted chicken and add mayo, sweet cranberries and crunchy celery to make a yummy wrap or sandwich

* Falafel patty in a pita with lettuce, tomato and plain yogurt

* Veggie burger with pita & dip of choice


* Corn, peas, chickpeas…fun small round things!

* Frozen yogurt squeezers (will be thawed out but still cold by time lunch comes around)

* Chopped up veggies: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, peppers

* String cheese

* Hard boiled egg

* Fruit salad

* Grapes

Here is some helpful advice in regards to planning for the week’s lunches:

  1. Stock up on non-perishables:  Almonds/cashews, raisins, whole wheat crackers, beans, bread sticks, granola, rice cakes
  2. Make certain things ahead of time (on Sunday perhaps): Hard boil eggs, falafel patties or sandwiches the night before.  Roast a whole chicken so you have it to cut up for sandwiches!
  3. Have a  variety of proteins, carbs and fresh fruit on hand.  I always shop for Sunday night delivery so we are loaded up and ready for the week ahead.

So far I’ve had many days when I pick her up and almost the entire lunch has not been touched, other days it’s been entirely gobbled up.  I think this is completely unavoidable, no matter what is offered!  It just depends on her mood, and I am never exactly sure what she’s in the mood for. Or perhaps it has more to do with what is going on around her at the time (she is so easily distracted)!  Anyway, I hope this list of suggestions will at least empower you to try new things…and who knows, perhaps your child will fill find a new favorite and you’ll come home with more empty lunch boxes!

You Are Invited: Sat. July 18th 12PM-2PM


We are thrilled to invite You and Your Family to our ‘Luau @ Lakeside’ party on Saturday, July 18th from 12pm to 2pm.

Buy Tickets Here!
(FREE for children under 5)
All proceeds go to fund research to find a cure for the Sanfilippo Syndrome

We are celebrating our 3rd birthday and we are again raising money for my little friend Jonah. in collaboration with the Jonah’s Just Begun Foundation, we are throwing this must-attend summer event at Lefrak Prospect Park. This Hawaiian themed fundraiser is jammed packed with fun for the whole family and all for a great cause.
Kids will enjoy:

  • Face Painting
  • Hula Dancing (with professional hula dancers)
  • Rollerskating VIP Passes
  • Splash pad
    Parents can relax at our reserved tables, enjoy the full luncheon provided and peruse the must-have silent action items donated by Park Slopes finest businesses.

Some of the auction items include:

  • VIP Tickets to a Rachael Ray Show taping
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • NY Kids Club: 10-pack of Pajama Parties
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates, and much, much more.

There is limited space available, so get tickets for the whole family now!

More info and tickets at:




luauBy our very own Jen #supermom

The sprinklers have been turned on at the water parks (WOHOO)!  Watermelon has never tasted sweeter.  The school year is coming to a close.  SUMMER IS HERE!!!  We have several very special events going on in Brooklyn this season; here is a list of musical and fun-filled events we can enjoy as a family:

* JULY 18th at 12PM – Luau at Lakeside: A Fundraiser for Jonah’s Just Begun (Lefrak Center @ Lakeside, Prospect Park):  On July 18th from 12-2pm South Slope Pediatrics and Jonah’s Just Begun are hosting a very special event to raise much needed funds to support a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare disease that our Park Slope friend and neighbor, Jonah, suffers from.   The event includes a full luncheon, rollerskating, hula dancing, face painting and a silent auction.  Tickets are $40 for adults and $35 for kids 5 and up (under 5 are free):

* Summer Kick-off Party with Hip Tot (Lefrak Center @ Lakeside, Prospect Park):  Every second Sunday from June – September (starting June 14th at 11am) there will be live music performances for kids, craft activities, giveaways and other special surprises.  On June 14th Grammy winner Father Goose and his dancehall boogie music will set the mood for a fun and exciting day!

* Pete Sinjin’s “House of Song” Album Release Party (Greenwood Park – 7th Ave, between 19th and 20th St):  Presented by Hootenanny Art House, Pete Sinjin will be performing with his band on Saturday, June 20th at 10am, celebrating the release of his new album!  $10 tickets in advance (free for 9 months and under), includes all food.  There will also be door prizes and art activities.

* SummerStage Family Day:  Laurie Berkner, Something Positive and Brooklyn Marching Band (Herbert Von King Park, Lafayette Ave and Tompkins Ave):  On Sunday June 21st come be entertained by these artists, including the super popular Laurie Berkner who is known to be the power behind the “kindie rock” movement!  Free.  4-7pm.

* Puppetry Arts Festival of Brooklyn (Old Stone House Park, 4th St & 5th Ave):  On June 27th from 11am-3pm, there will be puppet crafts, snacks, bounce house, t-shirt designing, Star Wars characters and puppet shows all day!  Free admission.

* Orion and the Dark Storytime (Barnes and Noble, 267 7th Ave):  On June 27th at 11am, join Orion and the Dark on their mischievous fun nighttime adventure in this special storytime!

* They Might be Giants Concert (Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 N. 6th St):  Super child-friendly and silly, They Might Be Giants will put on a family show June 28th at 12:30pm for kids and adults of all ages (the venue even has stroller parking)!  Show lasts just under an hour.  Tickets are $25 in advance or a family 4-pack for $90:

* Independence Day Events (Audobon Center, Lefferts House & Carousel in Prospect Park):   On July 4th there will be plenty of family friendly events taking place at Prospect Park.  From 12-5pm at the Audobon Center,  learn how the bald eagle became America’s symbol of independence (with fun activities and crafts)!  At Lefferts Historic House from 2-5pm, celebrate America’s birthday by making yourself a plumed hat and signing a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence!  And don’t forget to celebrate afterwards on the 1912 Carousel.

* Seining the River Wild (Brooklyn Bridge Park, Empire Fulton Ferry):  On July 11th from 10:30am-12pm, learn about the remarkable creatures of the East River as scientists use a 20 foot seining net to humanely catch and release these unique critters. All ages:

Whether it’s learning about fish, jamming out to your favorite family music, learning about puppetry, celebrating the birth of America or attending a very important Luau Fundraiser, this next month is full of fun activities here in Brooklyn.  Enjoy!!!

Dr. Cao is part of ‘Free&Equal’, a United Nations campaign

dr cao for lgtb youth

Remember the campaign for the United Nations Dr. Cao was asked to be part of? here is the preview and apparently ‪#‎RickyMartin‬ tweeted about it! ‘Free and Equal’ is a United Nations campaign for LGTB Equality ‪#‎pediatrician‬ ‪#‎brooklyn‬ ‪#‎faces‬ ‪#‎unitednations‬ ‪#‎freeandequal‬
Watch the video at:–14