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By Jen #supermom

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought we’d interview our good friend Yossi Rapoport, owner of Lullaby Baby.  If you are not already familiar, Lullaby Baby is the go to baby-everything store, just about a block from South Slope Pediatrics.  It’s the store you walk by and have to stop and stare at the newest, coolest, most modern and sleek strollers in the window.  It’s also the store where you’ll meet the kindest, most knowledgeable and helpful baby gear-aficionado, Yossi!  South Slope Pediatrics has partnered with Lullaby Baby on many fronts, including the store so generously donating items like strollers and car seats for local schools and charity auctions that we’ve been a part of.

SSP:  Lullaby has truly become the go-to shop in Park Slope for all baby-related product, and you are quite the baby-gear expert!  How did this store come to be, and have you always been in this business?  

The vision for Lullaby Baby came as a result of my partner Kayla Kramer’s shopping experience for her firstborn.  She felt overwhelmed by the options of baby gear available. In stores she found limited product selection and even less product knowledge. Reading product reviews online only complicated matters – what she needed was a real person who would really listen and direct her to the products that best suited her needs.  Based on the positive customer feedback we have received from our customers, I’m gratified to know that we’ve achieved this shopping experience at Lullaby Baby.  In our warm and welcoming atmosphere, parents can easily find the baby gear they need. We’ve carefully researched options to offer the best and the safest selection in a variety of price points, and we always have one out of the package so that customers can feel and try. And, believe it or not, even with this being in Brooklyn there’s enough room to cruise around our store in a double stroller.

My background was in customer service and sales. I have always been known as a people person. I truly enjoyed the transition to helping parents at this fantastic stage in their lives.

SSP:  Can you please tell me a little about the store itself, and the philosophy behind it?

When we opened our doors in 2012, we fathered the idea of a new breed of family-centric baby stores. Our modern, warm interior and the sensible practicality of the quality baby accessories we carry is a unique dedication to celebrate the life of the baby.  This ardor quickly established Lullaby Baby as the hottest destination for better baby shopping. We know to differentiate between form and function, and to suggest the products that will fit into your daily life beyond simple style and trend.

SSP:  Your store has been here several years now.   Why has the store been so successful in your opinion?  What sets Lullaby apart from other baby boutiques?

Our store success is a result of our outstanding customer service and incredible passion and knowledge of baby gear.

SSP:  I’m not sure everyone is familiar with the extensive line of product available on, including a baby registry!  Can you please tell me a little more about that and the product offering in comparison to your 5th Avenue shop?

Our in store selection is more curated and tailored to our customer demographic. Online we have a wider selection of product. The great benefit of shopping in store is the ability to view product side by side and product recommendations.

SSP:  What are the hot new baby items for 2015?  Does anything in particular stand out?

The hottest new baby item for 2015 would have to be the Doona Stroller. It is a revolutionary new infant car seat that transforms into a stroller!

For 2016, we are most excited about the launch of the 4moms highchair. The 4moms high chair uses magnets to guide the tray into place. They also created a set of bowls, plates and utensils, which are designed to work with the 4moms high chair. The magnets in the tray top help keep these items in place, minimizing the mess.

SSP:  For those that are unfamiliar with your store, what would you like them to know about Lullaby?

We have a great selection of toys that focus on motor skill development and sensory integration.

Scratch that. For those unfamiliar with our store, we want you to know that we look forward to meeting you!

With another child on the way, I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting this shop quite a bit in the near future.  Not only is it fun to browse the newest in high quality baby product, but it’s a chance to say hi and catch up with my friend, Yossi.   Hope you have the chance to as well!