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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Family!


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It’s almost trick or treat time!  Just a couple of weeks left until Halloween, my most favorite holiday.  I don’t know about you, but we really struggled with costume ideas this year.  Every year it obviously falls at the same time, but every year I find myself in stressed out last minute mode figuring out what we’ll be.  I think part of the reason is that I take the day and dressing up VERY seriously – so I put a lot of pressure on myself!  Last year we went as lobstermen and our daughter was the lobster (we wore yellow fisherman waterproof overalls, bucket hats and jackets – husband with long beard accessory).  It was awesome other than the fact that every two feet our one year old daughter would toss a lobster bootie off into the crowd!  Although she was not so much a fan, she surely looked delicious (pun intended).

So now that we have a girl that has interests which she is very vocal about, we decided to let her lead us to our costume decision. Obsessed with animals, specifically “meow meows”, ponies and the “baa-baas”, we went looking online and ultimately purchased a super cute sheep costume for her.   Husband and I are going as farmers – plaid shirts, overalls and just need to find some hay for us to munch on!  What I love about this is that I actually wanted to buy a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt, so will hopefully wear it again – and my husband can re-use his beard from last year.  He (thankfully)? won’t re-wear the overalls in a million years, but think we can find an inexpensive pair on Amazon!   Glad that the overall investment is minimal.

In my search to find creative family costumes, I found certain sites that are helpful for brainstorm if you are still deciding: – a great place to start a search (for anything really)!  Here is a link to more creative costume ideas for a family:  I certainly love the kids dressed as sharks and dad as a surfer (“shark attack”), although perhaps a bit scary for the younger ones. – Oh my….that Michael Jackson’s theme is amazing.  I might want to steal for next year.– ideas for creative costumes you can make (if you are so inclined and talented)!  These costumes are always the best in my opinion – If I could sew and had a creative bone in my body, I’d jump on that bandwagon. – more DIY costume ideas (loving Gandalf)!  Although who in the world would want their child dressed up like Justin Bieber?  Yikes!

I thought it might also be helpful to share my thought process as to how I narrow down ideas for our family costume.  If it’s a baby, what are your/the parents’ interests?  We love lobster – we make it every year on Valentines Day, we eat it every summer in Maine.  When we see a food truck selling lobster rolls at a Food Festival, there is a good chance we’re eating it!  So… what do you love? Are you obsessed with monkeys?   Are you an avid basketball fan (I saw a super cute basketball player costume online).  Once you figure that out, you/the parents can decide how to creatively accompany your baby!  Lobster:  chefs, fisherman, people with lobster bibs and forks/crackers.  Monkey:  zoo keepers, monkey parents or you could be trees (and the monkey is hanging on you)!  Basketball player:  mascot, coaches, cheerleaders.

If it’s a toddler or older, think about what their interests are.   Trains? Legos? Pizzas?  Train: conductor, no crossing sign, different parts of train including middle and caboose.  Legos: different colored blocks, different lego characters.  Pizza:  slice of pizza, delivery guy, a pizza box!  The ideas are endless!

So if you run into a couple of farmers with a very tired sheep at the Park Slope Parade, please make sure you come by and say hello!   Can’t wait to see what all of you will be wearing, specifically the little ones….there’s nothing cuter in the world than little people in costume.  So HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone and good luck finding that perfect costume!!!